Acquire new skills,
to master your environment.

As a training organization, we provide the necessary training to enable your employees to better master their work environment and acquire new skills.

We intervene "at your place" or in our own premises, with groups or individually. After each training session, you will be provided with a course material and our trainers will be available to guide you in putting the theory into practice in real-life situations.

We provide training in the following areas:


Oracle, SQL Server, Mongo DB, Post Gré SQL, Maria DB
  • Oracle Administration

  • High availability
  • (RAC, Cluster, Standby)

  • Upgrades



  • SQL Language

  • Transact SQL

  • Database Administration with SQL Server

  • Implementing & Maintaining

Other trainings

  • Linux - Unix

  • Development

  • Skills transfer

  • Personalized

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