Our products

Our products :
Custom-made solutions.

Over our 15 years of experience in the business, we have developed our own tools to perfect our missions.
Two of these tools, ultra technological, are now available to our customers.

  • DBF or Database-Forensics
  • DBK or DataBase Knowledge
DB-Forensics is a tool that is able to read, analyze and extract data directly from Oracle datafiles, from version 7.0 to 12c.

It analyzes the files, block by block, even if you have only one file, or even if you have only one file, and will be able to reliably extract the content. This tool, unique on the market, has its own website: http://www.db-forensics.com.

DBK is a web-based platform for monitoring, auditing and administration of databases and systems. It allows us to have a global vision of the supervised data systems, to be able to draw relevant statistics from them and to offer a useful dashboard to our clients.


  • Read, analyze and extract data from Oracle datafiles
  • Block by block analysis, same closed base
  • Content extraction
  • Reliable recovery of overwritten or deleted data

DBK Software

  • Web platform for supervision, audit and administration of databases
  • Overview of supervised systems
  • Database statistics and weather
  • Relevant dashboards