Databases expertise

Our priority :
Propose adapted solutions.

Whether you are thinking about a new architecture, an optimization and/or backup strategy, or a need to secure your systems, our team of consultants will meet your expectations.

Our consulting expertise does not only focus on the technical aspects, but also takes into account the global issues of a company. Our priority is to bring you relevant solutions adapted to your work context.

Carry out a diagnosis of your installations.
We carry out an exhaustive diagnosis of your installations, whether it is at the level of the architecture, the current optimization of your databases, the security and the safeguard of your databases, as well as the conformity of the Oracle licenses that you use.

These audits allow us to know perfectly the working environment of your company and thus to be able to bring you elements of advice in order to optimize even more your current resources.

We intervene more specifically on :

  • The computer architecture of your company
  • The optimization of the data bases
  • The security, the backup of your data
  • The licensing
High availability

Ensure the continuous availability of your data.
The unavailability or loss of data can create dramatic situations for a company. The implementation of a backup system capable of compensating for the failure of the main system is the way to consider the worst situations with serenity. We ensure our customers the continuous availability of their data (clusters, mirroring, replication, log shipping, etc.)

Basic performance and code

Improve the processing of information flows.
Sometimes it only takes a few lines to render a system totally inoperative. But beyond that, the detection of contention points in a given system can bring a real improvement in the processing of information flows

Safety and security

Protecting against hazards and malice.
Even if the two terms are close, they do not represent the same reality.

Security is about protecting against hazards. Backup, retention and equipment protection strategies can mitigate the unexpected.
Safety concerns protection against malicious acts (intrusions, uncontrolled distribution, denial of service attacks, etc.).

Backups and restorations
Backup of your databases.
A backup can only be considered valid under two conditions:
  • That it is automated, without human intervention
  • That it is tested regularly
Qualea proposes to you to carry out these tests of restoration, on your environment, or on our environment. A confidentiality statement will obviously be issued to guarantee your data.
The test proceeds as follows:
  • Provision of a backup set
  • The client provides a functional request to be played on the restored database. Only the customer knows the return value (date of the last contract entered, for example)
  • Restoration by Qualea
  • Execution of the control query and comparison of the result
  • Deletion of the restored database.
  • Supply of the total time of the restoration process
  • Optionally, provision of a restoration procedure
We can carry out these restorations on all the technologies of the market, on the environments of the customer.
We have our own servers, with 5 TB of usable space, on the following technologies :
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • AIX
  • Solaris
We can restore :
  • Oracle (from Oracle9 to 19)
  • Sql Server (from Sql Server 7 to Sql Server 2022)
  • Mysql (all versions)
  • MongoDB (all versions)
  • PostgreSQL (9.4 à 14)