Our mission statement :
To support you.

For several years now, license management has become very complex due to the multiplicity of options offered and the different compliance programs. Our mission is to accompany you in order to simplify the control and management of your IT equipment.
The choice of security in case of control.
Not everyone masters the complexity of Oracle's licensing rules and unfortunately, the majority of companies that are audited are corrected, even though they were convinced that they were in total compliance.

Once a positive audit has been performed, it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to negotiate a discount or a change of infrastructure that would allow for regularization.

Through our experience in the Oracle database environment, we have acquired a real mastery of this aspect of licensing. Nous proposons ainsi nos services aux utilisateurs Oracle qui souhaiteraient avoir un regard expert et objectif sur l’utilisation de leurs licences et pouvoir gagner en sérénité en cas de contrôle.
Simplify the management of your computer equipment. 
We also advise you in the choice of your licenses and proceed to their purchase in order to guarantee you a maximum of serenity in these operations. Our field of expertise concerns :
  • Oracle
  • RedHat
  • SqlServer